this post is a bit different tonight.

This is to you Chachi, even if you never see this, this post is just for you, from my heart.

To see you perform this piece with so much emotion and pain was really hard for me to see, seeing you break down like this, it hurt a lot but i know you’ll be just fine, you’re incredibly strong and i know you will fight as hard as you can to get through the pain you feel, i look up to you so much and from you i’ve learned to fight for my dreams and that it’s okay to show my true emotions through dancing, never be afraid of showing that and Chachi you should know that it is okay to cry and it’s okay to not hide how you are feeling, thank you for showing me and us KDBS how to fight for what we deserve and the main thing you’ve ever taught us, to just be ourselves, i love you Olivia, we all do and thank you so much for everything you’ve done, Stay Strong, babydoll. 

i thought this was extremely adorable, so i had to gif this!

it looks bad quality on here bc it is a very small gif, so once you save it, it wont look bad if you ever use it on a post! 

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